OpenSCM Two Layer Model

OpenSCM two layer model contains implementations of the two layer radiative forcing driven models by Held et al., Geoffroy et al. and Bloch-Johnson et al.

OpenSCM Two Layer Model was designed to provide a clean, modularised, extensible interface for one of the most commonly used simple climate models. It was used in Phase 1 of the Reduced Complexity Model Intercomparison Project as a point of comparison for the other participating models.

The FaIR model implements a mathematically equivalent model (under certain assumptions) but does not provide as clear a conversion between the two-layer model and the two-timescale response as is provided here. We hope that this implementation could interface with other simple climate models like FaIR to allow simpler exploration of the combined behaviour of interacting climate components with minimal coupling headaches.

As implemented here, the “OpenSCM Two Layer Model” interface is target at researchers and as an education tool. Users from other fields are of course encouraged to use it if they find it helpful.

OpenSCM two layer model is free software under a BSD 3-Clause License, see LICENSE.

If you have any issues or would like to discuss a feature request, please raise them in the OpenSCM Two Layer Model issue tracker. If your issue is a feature request or a bug, please use the templates available, otherwise, simply open a normal issue.